It's a story splattered across the web, Facebook, and various websites - that come Monday, a malware virus may knock people's computers off the web.

The story began about a year ago when computer hackers ran a fake online advertisement that people bit on, and allowed them to 'take control' of about 577,000 computers around the world.  After it was discovered,  and people took preventative measures to restore their computers,  the number of infected units dropped to an estimated 277,000 - including 64k in the US.

When the FBI went in to take down the hackers and seize their equipment,  they discovered due to the nature of the program, if they shut down the servers, it would cause the infected computers to lose their internet access.   The malware is called the DNS Changer, and the first signs of it became apparent as far back as 2007.  It took the FBI and other computer agencies months to track it down before the company's outfit was raided in the tiny country of Estonia.

If you suspect you could have DNS Changer, contact your ISP firm, or other TRUSTED computer expert.