The 2016-17 winter was a particularly harsh one not only for humans but apparently wildlife as eastern Oregon man from Wallowa was arrested after 20+ rotting elk carcasses were discovered on his property and nearby

Not only is Larry Harshfield being charged with killing 12 elk out of season but also for allowing 12 dead elk to rot without harvesting the meat!

The Harshfields claim that due to the extreme winter this season their property was inundated with herds of hungry elk raiding their hay sheds! They claim to have had no choice but to kill the elk after spending thousands of dollars to prevent the elk from getting on their property!

Coyote and kill
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Pam Harshfield said the carcasses did not go to waste because “Many bald eagles, coyotes and other wildlife have benefited and will continue to benefit from them during the harshest of winters in many years,”

I'm not sure of a solution to this situation but here in Washington even if we hit it we eat it!

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