General area of ditch were accident occurred (ACSO)
General area of ditch were accident occurred (ACSO)

The ID of a man who died Monday after crashing into a ditch near Othello has been released.

 Adams County Deputies respond to large drainage ditch northeast of town

Authorities were called to the 1900 block of Foley Road, not far from the intersection with State Route 17, for a report of a vehicle that had gone into a large draining ditch. The location given is a little over a mile northeast of Othello.

Deputies say the driver was 55-year-old Steven Ray Priddy, hometown was not listed.

The vehicle was driven into the canal and was found by some area farmers. ACSO Deputies didn't say how long it had been there before it was found.

The image included by the ACSO is for reference, but not the exact accident scene. No such pictures were released due to the vehicle likely being recognized before relatives could be located and notified.

   The cause of death is still unknown.

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The ACSO says the county coroner will have to determine the cause of death by way of an autopsy. More information is expected to be released.


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