The web is full of videos of people getting in mishaps while walking and texting--falling into fountains, tripping on curbs. But running into a bear?

Forget texting and driving!  This Los Angeles man was strolling through the suburb of  La Crescenta CA, and came face to face with a black bear, who had somehow wandered into the city.   The startled man was later interviewed by KTLA-TV.   Wildlife officials say the 400 pound bear has visited the neighborhood several times before, and has been seen foraging through garbage cans in the area.

  He was anesthitized by Fish And Wildlife Officials, who then transported him back into the wilderness.   Authorities said they will keep returning him to the wild if he comes back, and as long as he does not threaten anyone, they will not put him down.  He's smarter than the average beeearrr!

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