FAA officials are investigating why a helicopter used in a Discovery Channel reality show crashed early Sunday killing three on board.

According to officials, the chopper was being used to film segments of an as-yet-unnamed Discovery Channel program. The show was said to have a military theme, but few details have been released.

Discovery Channel spokesperson Laurie Goldberg said the crash occurred in rural northern Los Angeles County in a popular spot often used for television and movie shoots.

The Posa Rosa Ranch near the city of Acton has been used in scenes from the movie Windtalkers, the remake of the military action movie Red Dawn, and some scenes from the new upcoming Johnny Depp movie The Lone Ranger.

The production company, Eyeworks USA, said the 3:40 a.m. crash killed all three people on board, including the pilot. Eyeworks is the same company responsible for the popular television series, The Biggest Loser.

The crash scene was about 25 miles away from where another chopper crashed in 1982 during the making of the movie The Twilight Zone. That movie killed actor Vic Morrow and two children resulting in charges brought against producer John Landis and four other people. They were later acquitted.


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