A Kraken is a mythical creature who lived in the depths of the ocean.

Resembling a giant squid, sailors told stories of how it allegedly grabbed ships, wrapped its tentacles around them and dragged them to the bottom. The stories and pictures were embellished until the creature had a gaping mouth and sharp dagger teeth.

But now we're thinking that perhaps these ancient sailors were right.

A giant, 26-foot squid with razor sharp suckers and eyes the size of dinner plates has finally been photographed under the sea! Researchers shared information with the Discovery Channel. Last July the creature was videotaped and photographed in the North Pacific ocean. It was seen from a submersible craft at a depth of about 2,000 feet near ChiChi Island. One such creature had previously been photographed in 2006, but at surface level after being hooked, brought to the surface, then released. This is the first ever photography and videography of the creature in its natural habitat.

The Discovery Channel plans to air a documentary about the creature with the pictures and video Jan. 27.

Below is an image of a similar squid that was hooked and captured by an Australian fishing crew! Apparently, the Kraken the Discovery Channel will show Jan. 27 is BIGGER!

Rare Giant Squid Hooked Near Antartica
(Photo by Ministry of Fisheries via Getty Images)

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