So, is the new NBC show Stars Earn Stripes a good thing or not?

We asked you, the good listeners of Newstalk 870, to cast your votes. You probably saw the promos for it during the Olympics: 8 stars-celebrities will "compete" in a series of military-themed activities with money won going to charities.

We asked if you felt this was disrespectful to real servicemen and women.  Here are your results:

  • 33% felt the show will trivialize the dangers real soldiers (and issues families) face
  • 28% felt it was a salute to military personnel
  • 28% said it was an insult to military men and women
  • 9% said they would have to watch it first

It should be interesting to see how the show progresses this fall. The show aired Monday, Aug. 13 for the first time. Did you watch it?

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