An man was miraculously found after he slipped and fell from a hunting treestand in a remote forest, and was dangling in his safety harness for 2 days.

Authorities say the man was up in a tree in the Umatilla National Forest, west of Highway 224 and near the Frazier camping area when he tumbled. Another hunter happened to see him as he was passing by.

The rescuer had to drive the the highway to get cell reception, and called 911. Crews from Umatilla County and the Grandview area responded and were able to get the man down. Halfway through the rescue the man passed out and his heart stopped!

He was quickly lowered to the ground, CPR performed and he was airlifted to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, no update was available on his condition. We're hoping for the best.

Authorities say this incident underscores the need to ALWAYS notify someone of where you're going to be and for how long, have a GPS tracking device for remote areas, and if possible, don't go hunting or exploring alone.

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