Area where crash occurred north of Sunnyside (Google maps)
Area where crash occurred north of Sunnyside (Google maps)

The fatal crash occurred early Tuesday morning, just north of Sunnyside.

  Yakima County Deputies say driver apparently slammed into a brick building

According to information released by YCSO Public Information Officer Casey Schilperoot, Deputies were called to a location in the 8300 block of Van Belle Road. The location is less than half-a-mile north of Sunnyside.

They reported a single-car crash, where the driver had apparently hit a brick building while traveling at a high rate of speed.

The driver is deceased, it is not known if he died later at the scene or if he was deceased when officers arrived.

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The YCSO says it will take some time to extricate the person from the car, as well as conduct a preliminary investigation into the crash. More information is expected soon.

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