Man, woman go over Horn Rapids Dam (BCSO)
Man, woman go over Horn Rapids Dam (BCSO)

The Benton County Sheriff's Department reports a man and woman had to be plucked from the Yakima River Wednesday afternoon.

  The two were apparently floating the river from the Benton City area

According to the Benton County Sheriff's Department, a man and woman were floating the river when they approached the Horn Rapids Dam near Highway 240 and State Route 221. They had reported left from a dock in the Benton City area earlier.

They both apparently went over the dam and had to be extracted by Deputies. According to KEPR-TV the man, in his 40's, was seen tumbling in the water coming off the dam. The woman, said KEPR, let go of her tube, and was able to swim to shore.

The Sheriff's Department said the man was taken to an area hospital, KEPR reports he is in critical condition.

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KEPR says the Sheriff's Department tracked the man as he floated down the river until the county Dive Rescue team was able to get there and put their boat in the water.

The dam's configuration has changed over the years, back in the 60s and 70s it was much easier to 'slide' or go over the dam; you may recall the Unboat Races on the Yakima in the 1970s which drew hundreds of entries. Now, however, the dam is much more dangerous and swimmers and boaters are warned with signs to stay clear.

More details are expected soon. No word on any updates to the man's condition.


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