You would think with 83% of the federal government still operating (according to Fox News),  the Prez would find a way to keep Michelle's garden tended.  Guess not!

New York media are reporting with the White House gardeners on furlough due to the shutdown,  Michelle's not-so-little garden is being overrun by squirrels and other rodents.  The garden, which features a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, grows much of the produce that is served at White House formal dinners.

According to the New York Post,  a sticky carpet of brown and yellow leaves is beginning to cover much of the grounds,  and plants,  some hardier weeds are popping up, and with all the moisture,  many of the plants and produce are beginning to rot.  Especially the tomatoes, which the Post described as black in spots with rot.

Gardeners are not permitted to tend to the papayas, mushrooms, peppers and squash.  No mowing, weeding, only occasional watering.

Here's a novel idea:  maybe she could tend to the garden...herself!

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