Unless you read news reports compiled on Drudge, or maybe Fox News, you're hearing nothing about this.

As the national rhetoric continues over border safety between the U.S. and Mexico,   A television station in Texas reports hundreds of militia members are flocking to the border, fully armed and actually patrolling the area.

KFDA-TV reports officials in the area, including Border Patrol and law enforcement, are worried over what they call a safety concern with the militia.    The station says a national website called the Patriots Information Hotline says there's already 16  militia groups station in Texas alone, and they are encouraging more to come.

KFDA says local officials in Brownsville, TX are worried the militia will "complicate" the issue of border patrol and security.   According to the Patriot Information Hotline website, hundreds plan to participate in a protest planned for September 20th, when militia plan to attempt to shut down border crossings.

Officials say the National Guard, Border Patrol and other officers are trained to understand immigration laws, and intrusions by militia could create issues.   Recently, one Border Patrol agent who was pursuing some illegals in the Rio Grande Valley came across an armed man and shot at him.   The man was not hit, but he turned out to be a militia member.

Many who commented on the KFDA television webpage appeared to be in support of the militia:

*"Don't worry Border Patrol, the militia will be in the areas illegals cross the border, you will likely never cross paths."

*"Enough is enough Where can i join a millitia? "

*"Patriots -  doing the border enforcement jobs American border patrol officers just won't do."

*Oh look there are Americans on the border and NOW there is safety concerns. What about the safety of America by having a clown show of a southern border?"