KSTP-ABC TV in Minnesota reports some 500 officers will be outfitted starting next January.

Starting with an immediate test program involving 25 patrol officers,  Minneapolis will be shelling out about $312,000 for 500 of the officers to wear the mini-cameras while on duty. The city defends the measure, saying they have settled some $8 million in misconduct cases since 2009, and it will save the city money. It will also protect officers, and aid in identifying and apprehending suspects.

If you're wondering about the ACLU's (American Civil Liberties Union) stand on this,  sources say the plan has already met with their approval. City officials say they expect little if any opposition from the public over privacy concerns.

A lot will depend upon the use of the camera, how the data is stored and utilized.   Is this any different than traffic or city surveillance cameras?  Drones overhead?   Do you think it's a good idea, or just another intrusion into the public's private lives?

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