We asked a few of  the posters, and of course it's satire. But the sentiment behind it is growing.

Yes, over the last couple of years there's actually been a movement to create a 51st. state, named "Liberty."  It would include Eastern WA, Eastern OR, and possibly part of Idaho.  Some legislators have actually tried to test the waters by having it looked at. It's even got it's own Wikapiedia entry. 

The process would be massive, some say cumbersome. But the real goal of these folks is to call attention to what they say is a growing lack of concern for the opinions, views and needs of Eastern WA by the state government. A disconnect between Olympia and the East Side, not started by the citizens.

With the takeover of the Capitol Hill District in Seattle, which is now an "autonomous zone" that apparently doesn't belong to the state anymore, people on Facebook are deciding they've had enough.

Of course it's satire, but they figure of anarchists can get away with it, so can they--at least on paper.  Dozens of people were seen sharing this graphic of the State of Liberty, and all of them contained at least a variation of this message:

"Effective 13:00 on Friday 6-12-2020, We declare all of Washington State east of the Cascade Mountain Range it's own autonomous zone. Autonomous from Washington State. We love the USA! Counties on the west side of the state with the exception of Thurston, King, and Pierce may join if they want.

The reason for this, is because of what is currently going on with the "Chaz" we the citizens of the newly formed autonomous zone known hereinafter as Liberty State have decided that both the officials and most of the populous in the afore mentioned counties are bat s**t crazy. We want nothing to do with them.

The governor won't even notice so we are beyond any repercussions.

They have set precedent. This is how we do things now. This is tongue in cheek. Possibly. ;)

Edit: Our list of demands.


No V6 Mustangs or Camaros"

That's the end of the thread.  Well, move over Babylon Bee, we have a new contender entry, possibly.

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