It is not yet known how many of the jobs are in WA state.

Amazon plans another round of cuts

According to information sent to Amazon workers, another 9,000 jobs are going to be cut corporate-wide.

Previously, the company cut 18,000 earlier this year, many of them in WA and the Seattle area. That brings the total to about 27K according to 

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in part of his statement:

" I remain very optimistic about the future and the myriad of opportunities we have, both in our largest businesses, Stores and AWS, and our newer customer experiences and businesses in which we’re investing."

According to, when asked why the 9K were not part of the 18K announced earlier, he said some departments had not finished the analysis of where cuts could be made.

The Amazon cuts will be in PXT (people, experience, and technology) which is their HR division,  Amazon Web Services, Advertising, and their live video game streaming service known as Twitch.

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Coupled with significant Microsoft job cuts in and around the Redmond and Seattle area, these Amazon job losses are expected to have an impact on the region as well as WA State.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced they were vacating their offices in the West 8th Tower area of Seattle.


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