Now that the 'list' of reported/alleged COVID-19 violations has made it's way public, we've seen some interesting ones in our area.

Of note, on the west side, there's a TON of them.  Some are petty and ridiculous but at least many are certain businesses or companies simply reporting on others in the same industry who were not closed while they were. That's reasonable. Or maybe you saw, oh, 25-30 people repeately playing basketball in a park right after the Stay At Home came about. At least that makes sense.

However, both on the west and east side, the list, which is well over 4,000, is full of inaccurate even petty sounding opinionated complaints. Many of them you can tell spring from personal opinion, and not facts, or have incomplete data.

Here's a few more Tri-City "reports":

  • On March 30, someone reported Bedrock Specialty Stone Products as being "open," and there were people outside.  (the reporter did not mention if they though they were clients or workers).
  • On April 4 and again on the 18th, the same person filed complaints against various gun stores in our area, including Talos Tactical in West Richland, and Columbia Gun Rack, as well as Hole In The Wall. (it appears this person must might have an anti-gun zen thing going on?). The violation reporter went to great lengths how they reportedly argued about gun stores not being essential...very great length.
  • On March 30th, one person reported Framatome, who is a Hanford contractor. Framatome makes and deals in the nuclear reactor fuel rod industry. This person claimed they were putting "hundreds of people at risk" and they said in their complaint "please shut them down." (this person didn't realize a ton of Hanford sub-contractors and contractors were considered essential).
  • As recently as April 28th, someone driving by the Longbranch Bar and Restaurant near Finley based their complaint on the number of cars parked out side. "they appeared to be serving people inside."  However, no mention is made if this person made any effort to actually check it out.  (a drive-by complaint?). From the nature of how the complaint was written, it was CLEAR they were driving by and did not stop. For all they knew, the cars could have been workers, or a cleaning crew or...

It appears for every legitimate, purposeful and civil attempt by a business to make sure their competitors aren't 'cheating,' there's probably a dozen rambling, poorly written, ambiguous and even inaccurate violation reports. Pretty sad.

So far, it appears the "list" and violation site are what many predicted it would be: an invitation for revengeful people, and inaccurate spiteful opinionated data.

Our rough estimate? probably 60 percent or more are worthless.

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