As you know, murder has no statute of limitations. If you commit one (or more) and 'escape' you're going to run for the rest of your life. Time caught up with this guy.

65-year-old Arnulfo Romero Bravo was arrested, according to the Columbia Basin Herald, for the 1991 slaying of his girlfriend Barbara J. Kipp.

The Ephrata woman was found dead in her home October 1st, 1991. According to officials, Kipp had indicated she was having trouble in her relationship, and as early as the last week of September that year, had indicated she was going to leave Bravo.

The person who round her dead in her home, her roommate, also said Kipp had confided that she was afraid of Bravo, and likely to end the relationship. This was approximately two days before her death.

After she was found dead, Moses Lake police received a tip from a friend of Bravo's, saying he was in the Sacramento area. He had taken a vehicle Kipp had been allowing him to drive. Officials say Bravo strangled the woman, then stole jewelry and money from her residence.  Bravo actually returned to the area to talk with police, and admitted in an interview taking $200 from Kipp's purse, some of her jewelry and her Ford Tempo.

But despite arrest warrants being issued for him, he apparently figured he was likely to be charged. He managed to slip away, and eluded authorities for 25 years before finally being caught in Texas in November. He was extradited to Grant County, and is now in the county jail awaiting trial after pleading not guilty in court.

Officials did not say how he was located in Texas, or what led to his arrest.

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