The one 'good' thing about Twitter is that if you have second thoughts, you can delete your message....(Image from Build-A-BearTwitter feed)

The folks at Build-A-Bear workshops  posted a Twitter message early Thursday morning on 9-11, but apparently realized it's not very cool to even remotely suggest your pushing a product.

According to,  the company posted a picture of a bear wearing military fatigues, complete with dogtags.  Instead of standard brown, the bear's fur was camoflague, and the message contained the words "We will never forget."    However, after about 15 minutes, the Tweet was deleted.   No other comment has been issued by the company about the post.

Had the picture not been directly related to the product they sell,  most would have just viewed it as a tribute to those who lost their lives that terrible day.    Buzzfeed posted a very true statement: "brands, repeat after me: you probably don't need to post about 911."

The same could be said, however,  for a number of other companies who have used 911 to sell products.  Most notably coming to mind are the coin collector companies, who urge TV viewers to purchase their commemorative coins.   If 100% of the money went to help victims or other charitable causes, it wouldn't be so bad.

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