I went to Taco Bell in Richland on Queensgate the other night and was shocked when I got my order. They told me they are out of Fire and Hot sauce packets, but we could have some Mild sauce if we wanted it. They said their truck didn't come in so they didn't get a delivery of their usual sauces. I went home and called a couple of other Taco Bells in the area to see if they had the same problem. The Taco Bell on G-Way in Richland has only Fire and Hot sauce packets, but no Mild or Diablo sauce. The Taco Bell in Kennewick on Columbia Center Blvd. is out of Hot and Fire sauces like the Queensgate location. The guy on the phone told me it would probably be a couple of weeks before they get any. What is this all about? Well, it's not hoarding. It is the same reason we've had shortages on some other things you may have heard about...the supply chain. Is it a shortage of truck drivers? Is it a shortage of hot sauce or factory workers who package it? Either way, the supplies are not making it down the roadways and to the restaurants. So check your refrigerator for your hot sauce collection, and see which one might go best with your Burrito Supreme. I love all of my hot sauces, but to me, Taco Bell sauce belongs on Taco Bell food. Just like Del Taco sauces belong on Del Taco food. I almost left my wife once because she put Jack In the Box hot sauce on an Egg McMuffin.

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