With the legalization of marijuana in Washington State and Colorado, and pending legislation in a number of other states, some entrepreneurs have come up with a new website that seems to have been inspired by the Dollar Shave Club. It's called The Dollar High Club.

Dollar Shave offers members regular discounts on a wide variety of shaving products by way of their website, the items are shipped monthly, reportedly with significant savings.

Now, this ideas has been applied to pot supplies. DollarHighClub.com is an 18-and older website, featuring a wide variety of pot-related smoking accessories. It is the first subscription box service offering smoking related products, according to the website, for only $1 a month.

The business practice is actually pretty sound, really.  Company officials say that consumers face price markups and often limited selection when they visit head shops as well as pot stores. That, combined with the 'stigma' of being seen in one shies many consumers away from seeking supplies.

Dollar High Club allows for consumers to order whatever they want, and it's "discreetly" shipped to them at home. Many do not subscribe to the idea of legal pot etc, but from a business standpoint, it's a very smart and shrewd idea.

If you're into this kind of thing, here's a look at some of their offerings. 

The website is up and running and ready for consumers to subscribe. Here's a link to their NSFW but hilarious start-up announcement video.

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