As if it's not embarrassing enough having your ENTIRE track and field team get the Olympic door shut in it's face, now it's the wheelchair and artificial limb athletes as well. (Athletes depicted at NOT members of Russian team).

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) took a controversial stand in not following the recommendation of the world doping authority and allowed certain Russian athletes to compete in Brazil, despite proof their entire athletic complex was marred by performance enhancing practices.  That explains the Russian swimmers getting booed, along with other athletes, in Rio. However, the entire Russian men's and women's track team were banned.

But now comes the ultimate embarrassment, and a slap in the face of disabled athletes all over the world. The Russian Paralympic team has now also been banned from Rio, on similar charges.

Basically, doping covers a wide variety of procedures in which blood is withdrawn from an athlete, especially red blood cells, stored, then re injected prior to competition. It's the same cheat used by Lance Armstrong. An athlete with a lot more red blood cells to carry oxygen is going to crank up levels of performance not attainable by 'regular' athletes.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) took a stand on it's own, and followed the recommendations of experts and authorities who investigated these Russian activities, some which date back FIVE years! The IPC banned the entire Russian Paralympic team from the games, which will start shortly after the Olympics are over.

This is a slap in the face to para athletes everywhere, who overcome their obstacles to perform at levels most able-bodied people can't even approach.


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