Emergency workers say she might have been there since 2008!

CBS Detroit reports a contractor who came to inspect and work on the home as part of the foreclosure process found the woman, sitting inside a car parked inside a closed garage.

The woman was sitting in the back seat of a Jeep Liberty at the home in Pontiac, a suburb of Detroit.  Police said the tabs on the vehicle she was sitting in expired in 2008, and it was possible she had been there since.  While the electricity was still turned on, the central HVAC system was not operating, and the inside of the house had large amounts of black mold.

Fire crews in Haz-Mat suits plan to go through the structure looking for evidence.  An autopsy on the woman, estimated to be about 49-years-old, showed no trauma or signs of foul play.  Neighbors described a woman who lived there as a German immigrant, who likely did not have family in the area.   She reportedly traveled frequenty in her job as an auto employee, and was often gone for weeks.

Neighbors had no clue she had possibly been inside for years.  They attributed the lack of activity at the home to the fact they thought she had moved years ago. Some said it had probably been close to six years since they had seen her.

One curious detail that was not immediately explained by officials was why she was found sitting in the back seat of the vehicle.

The investigation continues.


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