A new poll asked over 1,000 people which fast food joint has the best fries. McDonald's is still #1 by far, getting more than twice as many votes as second place.

Here's the breakdown:

1.  McDonald's with 43% of the vote

2.  Chick-fil-A, 18%.

3.  Wendy's, 13%.

4.  In-N-Out Burger, 9%.

5.  Arby's, 8%.

6.  Shake Shack, 5%

7.  Somewhere else, 4%.

If you were to ask Tri-Citians, which we did not, local places that might replace the national chains, that we don't have, probably would be Zips fries (gotta have the tub) and Five Guys.

Yakima peeps would pipe up about Miner's fries, I'm sure.

If you subscribe to the adage,"if it's free, it's me" you can get a free medium fry at McDonald's if you order through Uber Eats.  Or a small fry costs $1 if you order through the McDonald's app. You can get free fries at Wingstop if you sign up for their loyalty program.

And Red Robin and IHOP have unlimited fries when you purchase a burger.

Finally, did you know the McDonald's fries container has a built in flap for dipping sauces?


Twitter posted that the cardboard flap on the top of a McDonald's french fry box has a functional purpose.  You're supposed to fold it back, and use it as a place to put your ketchup.  Who knew?  So is that the ACTUAL secret, built-in purpose for it, or is this just someone's hack?  McDonald's hasn't weighed in, so we don't know, but we do know that the trick really does work

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