So, are you naughty or nice?

A new survey has shed some light on the bad things Americans are doing.

Here’s a look:

  • 20% have admitted to parking in a handicapped spot when they don’t have the handicapped placard or plate (parents are twice as likely to commit this crime than those without children)
  • 60% keep their cell phone on while at the movies (65% of women say so versus 50% of men)
  • 30% keep their cell phone on while at a restaurant
  • 30% jump on the express lane in supermarkets, even if they are buying more than 10 items
  • 11% admit to getting into a physical fight in the last 12 months (men are twice as likely as women to do so)
  • 31% confess to cursing multiple times per week, while 26% say they drop blue language several times a day
  • And what dirty words do people prefer? The majority (33%) say it’s that ‘s’ word that rhymes with ‘slit,’ while that R-rated version of ‘fudge’ was the chosen one for 31%

Take a good look at these numbers. If you find yourself among those who commit these questionable moral acts, don't be surprised when Santa bypasses your chimney.

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