Pasco Police are cautioning residents in the area of Henry-Margaret, Road 42-48 to make sure valuables are locked up, or secured where theft suspects can't easily access them.

Police say early Tuesday morning, a number of vehicles and storage sheds in this vicinity were broken into, and the suspect(s) got away with a "whole bunch of power tools."

Based upon evidence, police said the suspect(s) -- they're probably multiple -- likely arrived in a vehicle, arrived around 3:30AM and did their thing, then left with a load of loot.

Police indicated one resident heard their dog barking around that time, but just thought they were 'just being a dog,'  Authorities are watching for sale sites online, and asking anyone who may notice anyone who suddenly has a lot of power tools for sale in the Tri-Cities.

Police didn't elaborate, but believe these suspects will try the same general vicinity again. It appears when theft-burglary suspects have success they will often return to that area, or one very close by, because they think they can score again without getting caught.  It can also have to do with how much security and resistance they find from lighting, alarms, and lack of visible valuables in vehicles.

Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, area law enforcement officers are seeing a large spike in commercial break ins, theft, and reports of stolen property -- even as other types of crime are actually dropping noticeably.

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