Showing good taste, judgement and ethics (for a change) most major networks are passing on a chance to interview acquitted mom Casey Anthony.

Anthony, who was found not guilty in July  of killing her 2 year old daughter Caylee, has been shopping a $750,000 "no holds barred" interview package around Hollywood, and so far, nobody's biting.  Scott Sternberg Productions has been "quietly" shopping this exclusive package to various networks, but so far A&E, Lifetime and Discovery Communications (who oversee ALL the ID and Discovery Channels) have passed.   Outrage over what is seen as Anthony getting away with murder, has also spurred MSNBC, Headline News and other affiliated networks to already say they would refuse.  Same for the big 3 of ABC, NBC and CBS.  So where's poor Casey to go?   Sooner or later, somebody will pony up the money, and her sordid story will be made public again.  At least kudos to these networks for their good judgement.