Some are calling it the 'Palin Factor,' but ratings for the 2012 Republican National Convention dropped considerably from four years ago.

While Fox News again was the leading channel, overall ratings were down by at least 17 million viewers. Fox did improve its viewership from 10 - 11 p.m., as did ABC, but every network lost at least one million viewers so far. Fox was down about 1.5 million total, CBS down about 2 million, NBC 3 million. The big loser was CNN, which saw a decline of nearly 5 million viewers. Analysts point out over 500,000 households in the Southeast lost power during the period due to Hurricane Issac, but that effect on viewership is not yet known.

Experts noted during the 2008 convention Sarah Palin gave a speech and had just begun to electrify the nation.

Some TV critics and analysts say much of the drama is gone from both the RNC and the DNC  events. Democrats have an incumbent in President Obama, while Romney virtually locked up the nomination many weeks ago.

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