The 16th Legislative District is one of the largest in the state, geographically. It covers all of southern Benton County, the City of Pasco; along with all of Walla Walla and Columbia Counties (Dayton).

Senator Perry Dozier and House Reps Skyler Rude and Mark Klicker (All GOP) are holding a virtual 'zoom' town hall Monday May 3. It's to inform citizens about the recent legislative session that wrapped up last Sunday in Olympia.

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It's also a chance for citizens to share their opinions, ideas, and what they want to see legislators focus on in the near and distant future. This last session was rather rough and tumble; most of these Eastern Washington legislators fought tooth and nail against Inslee's carbon tax and low carbon fuel standard proposals.


They also opposed his controversial capital gains tax and other proposals pushed by Democrats--especially those from the West Side. Both 16th District legislators and those from the 8th (the rest of Benton County, Richland and Kennewick) resisted these plans as well.

The 'zoom' town hall will begin at 6PM, there are three ways to sign up to participate. You can go to Senator Dozier's website, or those of Rep. Klicker or Rep. Rude, and get the details.  Click on any of the buttons below.


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