GOP Leaders Demand smart spending

 "Federal COVID-19 stimulus money ought to go where it will do the most good for the people of the state of Washington – not to prop up bureaucracy or reward political special-interest groups, say members of the Senate Freedom Caucus."-

From the WA State GOP Freedom Caucus.  They're a group of GOP Senators and legislators who have banded together to help add momentum to legislative fights in Olympia.

They're kind of like The Coalition a few years ago; a group of 25 GOP and 2 Democratic Senators (who always sided with the GOP). For five of Gov. Inslee's years as Governor, they shot down virtually all of his controversial legislation sent to them from the State House.

Now Freedom Caucus leaders Senators Doug Ericksen and Mike Padden (pictured) have a list of priorities for the $15 billion Federal COVID stimulus dollars coming to the state:

1. COVID needs take top priority. These include state programs designed to assist with vaccinations and other medical needs.

2. One-time expenses should be the emphasis, rather than launching or expanding programs that would burden the state year after year. Possible spending areas include a big investment in transportation – road construction and maintenance – reducing the need for a new gas-tax increase.

3. Washington should invest in people, not government.

 4. The needs of the most vulnerable should be addressed. One-time funding gaps in state programs for the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled should be a priority.

  Padden, who represents the Spokane Valley area, said in part:

“One of the biggest disappointments of this pandemic was the failure of Governor Jay Inslee to involve the Legislature, as an equal branch of government, when making vital decisions about the priorities of Washingtonians."

  He and Ericksen and other Freedom Caucus members say these are not just their ideas or priorities, but represent those of workers, families, citizens and others affected by the pandemic in WA state. To find out more about the Freedom Caucus, click on the button below.

WA state was hit hard by COVID policies during the last year. like these areas.

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