"Self Drive, on!"  If you remember the Stallone movie "Demolition Man", then you remember the self-driving cars. Now, they're a reality.

Years ago when the Stallone vs. Snipes futuristic movie came out about a policeman and notorious criminal who were cryogenically frozen, then brought back to life in the future to continue their war, the film included "driverless" cars that took you from A to B without having to touch the wheel.  

  Now,  Nevada has issued the first ever license for Google's new driverless car.   Actually, it's not technically driverless as you're still behind the wheel, but the car takes you where you want to go without you having to steer!  State regulations require a person behind the wheel, as well as one in the passenger seat.  The new Google technology works the steering wheel, gas pedal, and brakes.  According to a DMV spokesman, it is still "a work in progress."  Oh that's comforting!  Don't tell that to the person behind the wheel!    We just hope the car doesn't take on the personality of the computer in 2001 Space Odyssey, Hal.    "Hal, take me to the grocery store..." (computer) "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that..."  (door locks click shut)...

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