It's a revealing look at the mindset of the CIA and Defense Department in the 1960's and 70's but UFO buffs will be disappointed.

Earlier this year, the National Security Archive declassified more than 60 documents, and last month they were posted on the Archive's public website.

So what's the theme of these previously secret papers? According to Fox News:

"The recently released papers, which date mostly from the early 1960s into the 1970s, spotlight the U.S. government's desire for tight security at Area 51, also known as Groom Lake. The area was photographed with American reconnaissance assets to better assess what the Soviet Union's spy satellites might be able to discern."

If you're a UFO buff, like we are to a degree, you're going to be disappointed.  Nothing in the new releases has any information about the reported flying saucer found at Rosswell, New Mexico, or any other unidentified flying objects.    Instead, the report highlights the extreme caution the CIA maintained about keeping Area 51's operations a secret.

Some of the documents detail the efforts to develop and build stealth aircraft, like we have now with the Stealth Bomber and fighter.   Others detail the examination of state-of-the art Soviet MiG aircraft,  detailing their strengths and weaknesses that would be used in designing and building our next generation of fighters.

The bulk of the documents deal with how the CIA used our own U-2 spy planes and later, satellites,  to photograph the site so officials could get an idea of how it might look to Soviet eyes.  Apparently the Russians did not have satellite photograph capability until much later than we originally believed.  There's also a document dealing with a "crisis" that occured in 1974 when the Skylab space station accidentally took pictures of  Area 51 while in orbit.   Supposedly it was to be off-limits.

But mostly these papers detail what officials call the "cat-and-mouse" game the U.S. and Soviet Union played during the Cold War.  As for you UFO fans,  you will have to wait another day for anything to come out about little green men and flying saucers.  Chances are, it probably never will.

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