The people reporting the incident said the object in the sky looked like a white hot fire. It was 50 years ago, Thursday, April 13, 1967.

According to the Hermiston Herald, Mrs. N.V. Ford saw the mysterious object in the sky around 9:30pm, from her home on Bridge Road in Hermiston. The object was traveling at a low altitude, came from the East, and was round, flat on the bottom, and moving very fast.

She said it was only visible for a few seconds, and then was gone. It had white hot flames that tapered to violet, and cylindrical flame was coming out of the back. Although it appeared to be almost on top of her, Ms. Ford said no sound came from the object.

If this sounds weird, perhaps not.  According to leading UFO observers, the Mid Columbia has long been an occasional hotbed of UFO activity, including back in 2012, when the noted UFO Website reported a slew of sightings in our area.

Residents of Finley, Kennewick and other areas reported some sightings of strange craft in the sky in the summer of 2012. The website says UFO sightings in WA tripled during the summer of that year, including a number in the Tri-Cities.

And, there's a military tie in as well, but from a long time ago. Newstalk870 reported a look back last March, from when the Pasco Naval Air Station actually scrambled Navy fighter planes in December 1944 and January and February 1945 to intercept unidentified objects that were picked up on radar. The pilots actually made visual possible confirmation of some of them.  At that time, people were VERY closely watching such events because of World War II, and rumors of German rocket and other far advanced technology.

The U.S. Air Force actually studied UFO reports with the Project Blue Book, which closely tracked and investigated UFO activity in the U.S. from 1952 until 1970.


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