Gov. Inslee claimed Tuesday in his press conference that his new Healthy Washington re-open plan was constructed using what the state 'learned' from the last ten months.

After reading the plan several times and studying the language, we have come to these conclusions.  These are OUR analysis, based upon what we have seen the state do during the COVID pandemic; as well as Inslee's performance in general. Here's some things that jumped out at us:

**Dividing the state into 8 regions sounds exactly like what he wants to do in his budget plans for 2021-2023. Inslee and WSDOH want regional health districts, instead of county by county. While this could help smaller areas (Columbia, Adams etc) with resources, it also further removes LOCAL control from citizens.

**A quote from the new Washington State Secretary of Health Umair Shah does not sound promising for the economy. After Shah said the state wants to reopen the economy and do it as quickly as possible, he said this:    “The governor’s new plan will allow all of us to understand what measures are being used for the path forward including when it makes sense to ease restrictions across the state.”

Re-read "including when it makes sense to ease restrictions across the state." This could clearly imply the state could be in limbo for as long as 'health officials' deem it.  No timetable or concrete goals for helping our shattered economy, especially small business.

**The Washington Hospitality Association released a statement less than two hours after Inslee's press conference saying in part:  "Today’s announcement is not a roadmap to recovery. It is a roadmap to a near-complete collapse of main street neighborhood restaurants and hospitality businesses."   The letter goes onto say how the WHA tirelessly worked with the state to ensure indoor dining was safe, and recent WSDOH data shows case rates traced to restaurants-bars extremely low.

**Inslee mentions, near the beginning of his address, a "third wave" of infection. We all heard about the alleged "second," or winter wave, but where is this third wave from? No explanation of that was given. That's alarming...!

**One of the statements made in the plan, like the comments from the new Health Secretary, show no sense of urgency about repairing the badly damaged failing small business economy. The statement reads as follows:

"This new recovery system aims to safely ease some restrictions while also maintaining crucial hospital capacity, ensuring care for Washingtonians that need it and paving the way for economic recovery."  This easing of some restrictions is so ridden with requirements and so minimal it's not even worth businesses or citizens investing in. Gyms in Phase 1 allowed to appointment book 1 person for every 500 square feet of a facility? Not even worth it.

**If a region makes it to Phase 2, it appears perhaps (outdoors) football and soccer will be allowed to be played. HOWEVER, for anyone who has children or teens who partipate in sports (or you do them yourself) tournaments are not allowed in Phase 1 OR Phase 2.  This will certainly drive baseball, softball, soccer and other sports teams out of state, like last year, for these type of events.

**Retail (stores) Personal and Professional Services (hair salons, barbers nails etc etc) all DO NOT change or open up more between Phase 1 and Phase 2. This has already sparked anger and frustration from business owners.

And Finally--There is NO mention made of education or schools. No mention of how these new metrics will affect school re openings; and after Phase 2, nothing.  What comes next?



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