Likely fueled heavily by a torrent of complaints and public comments from people who live near pot farms and stores, Benton County commissioners have placed a six month temporary ban on all new pot business developments, at least in the Finley area.

Tuesday, after going over input from several hearings, including one on Oct. 31, commissioners decided on the ban until they can re-evaluate and possibly change regulations.

Much of the resistance has come from the Finley area, where the Green2Go store is located. Residents say they're tired of the traffic, and what they say is rude behavior and actions of store clients. Green2Go doesn't provide public restrooms and people who live nearby say 'high' patrons trespass through their property and even relieve themselves on people's lawns.

Others said marijuana growing operations produce poor air quality in the area.

Benton County officials also say the ban is needed to allow law enforcement to focus more heavily on the increasing number of illegal pot growing operations found in the Finley area. Officials say since Green2Go went into operation, numerous illegal pot 'farms' and even processing areas have been found and raided.

According to, this new ban covers the area and land around Finley, but apparently does not affect the proposed store in West Richland.

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