Washington state now has it's distracted driving law, the "driving under the influence of electronics" act, but some experts are now saying vehicles themselves are becoming a danger.

According to a recent report by 710 KIRO Seattle, by way of PEMCO Insurance, newer vehicles are taking tasks that we're used to do without looking and folding them into touchscreens that take our eyes off the road.

The report says some cars, such as the new Tesla models, have taken wipers, turn signals, adjusting the mirrors, and required the driver to utilize a touch screen which includes the radio, navigation and other tasks. The report says most drivers can click the turn signal, wipers etc without even taking eyes off road. Now you have to.

Experts say the increasing digital presence in vehicles will soon potentially cause as much distraction as talking or using a cellphone.  Digital device use has been directly linked to crash rate increases, which is why the Distracted Driving law was passed.

These new implements are called "touchscreens", but it's noted they're not really a 'touchscreen.'  If they were, you could operate without looking---just by touch.

So, in the future, if you get a ticket, will you be able to successfully argue it's the 'car's' fault...not yours?

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