The movie that not only gave us a new level of terror, shocking gore, and -yes!- zombies, celebrates an anniversary.

October 1st marks the 44th anniversary of the movie that was so influential in changing the American horror movie scene that it has been included in the Library Of Congress for it's impact.

George Romero had no idea that the original "Night Of the Living Dead"  would go on to such legendary fame.    Released October 1st 1968,  it was a shot in grainy black and white, and was made on a budget of only $114,000!   Briefly, the original premise was somehow people have been infected with a virus that causes them to die, then re-animate as flesh-eating zombies.  The only way to kill them is with a blow or gunshot to the head.   Sound familiar?

Not only did the success of Night produce FIVE sequels, the movie itself has been remade twice!  America's obsession with zombies has grown out of it's infant roots in this movie.   Many agree that despite it being shot colorless,  the grisly terror of the movie has never been matched by it's colorized sequels or other films.

America was not ready for scenes of zombies eating people;  the basement scene of the little girl eating the leg bone of one of the dead people like it's a big chicken leg is considered one of the most shocking scenes in horror to this day.

If you've never seen Night Of The Living Dead, we suggest you get it.   While it may lack the 'sophistication' of, say, Zombieland or others,   it will stick with you.   Oh, and you'll want to make sure you lock the doors and windows when you go to bed that night.  Otherwise...what was that noise?!?