There was considerably less content in the latest release of information in the fatal shooting of Antonio Zambrano Wednesday, but some key information and a few questions were given much more thought.

Much of the 319 pages were devoted to investigative guidelines. But there's also information about interviews conducted.  Officials took to social media to find people who were witnesses at the scene - based upon what they posted.  At least 70 people were tracked down and talked to extensively.

Those included two of the three officers directly involved in the incident, including Officer Ryan Flanagan.  These are remarks that came from his interview with the Special Investigations Unit:


"We're kind of at the point where if he continues to attack us and throw rocks, we didn't have that much of a choice, we're going to have to use lethal force,  Because we're both going home. I guess for me, we're going home, this guy's not going to kill me, he not going to take my life, he's not going to take another officer's life. That's what he's trying to do. It's like we weren't chasing him, at least in my mind, I wasn't chasing him down to shoot him and kill him but he wasn't going to get away either. It was one of those where had he dropped the rock, we would have been able to holster our firearms and we could have gone hands on."


The Interviewer asked him this:  "Three officers, one suspect, and at that point, in the second situation you have one rock...explain that."

Flanagan responded with: "well that one rock and (can) kill ya."

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