Travel Leaders Tri-Cities is heard Saturday mornings on Newstalk 870, and this Saturday, Sondra Wilson tells us what it's like visiting this "forbidden" country!

Now if you're an American, you CAN visit the nation through a strictly controlled People-to-People program.   But Cuba is a place where 99% of Americans haven't been, and you just can fly there.

But Sondra was able to, and this Saturday she will tell us what it's like to visit this beautiful, even charming nation.  The people are incredible, the scenery, amazing.

Could you live in a place where the internet is ILLEGAL?  Without a cellphone?   But once Sondra is done describing it,  you may just want to put it on your bucket list!  Imagine seeing Earnest Hemingway's home and other sights and scenes.

But the only way to find out is to listen in Saturday morning at 10:30 right here on Newstalk 870!