On Travel Leaders Tri-Cities and Sail Away Saturdays (heard Saturday mornings at 10:30am on Newstalk 870)  you've heard about many unique and different tours of the world.  This one probably takes the cake!

A fast-growing way many people are seeing the world is with what are called "Bike and Barge" tours, especially in Europe.  

Sondra Wilson of Travel Leaders Tri-Cities says it's one of the faster growing ways of seeing the sights of Europe.   It's a pretty simple premise:    You travel by bicycle across parts of Holland, Germany, France, Italy or Belgium - and travel other parts by barge.

4winds tours has a wide variety of tours that take you across these different countries, from 4-day encursions to up to two weeks!   You spend part of the time sightseeing and visiting famous landmarks and the scenery on a bike,  then meet up with the barge, which is a floating mini-hotel, refresh and start over the next day or so.

For those who enjoy biking, and proceeding at their own pace, this might be just the vacation for you.

Whether it's seeing the huge tulip fields of Holland, or viewing historic German castles and buildings, or riding a route that resembles the Tour De France,  there's a myriad of bike and barge vacations available.  To find out more,  just contact Travel Leaders Tri-Cities at  (509)-783-4645 in Kennewick, or (509) 943-4686 in Richland, or  listen in Saturday mornings at 10:30 on Newstalk 870!

Scenic holland
Scenic holland (4windstours.com)



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