Gov. Jay Inslee held a press conference Tuesday afternoon, the agenda referring to the economic status of the state.

The only 'newer' option for relief for small businesses was the announcement of the Working Washington Small Business grants, which would provide up to $10K for businesses with 10 or fewer workers. The money comes from a $5 million dollar grant from state grant money.

Inslee reiterated the Small Business loans that many are applying for via the US Small Business Administration, forgiveable loans which are much sought after right now. But this is something that came out shortly after the shutdown began.

Inslee also said the state has hired hundreds of people to help process unemployment security work and other such duties which have skyrocketed since the Stay Home shutdown. He also mentioned the state as increased Assistance programs for families, namely DSHS type of assistance.

He also announced a number of not for profit groups combining with donations from companies to make a major push in donating food to food banks.

However, many critics and observers say these are 'band aids,' and that Inslee completely avoided discussing any possible resumption of several industries that have been in the headlines. Numerous home building and private construction representative groups, including the HBATC (Home Builders Association of Tri-Cities) have petitioned and urged the governor to allow at least some work to resume. This would put many workers back on the job, and keep them off the unemployment rolls.

Several other business groups are also calling for an industry by industry review to see how some other occupations could restart. For example, salons perhaps being allowed to have one appt. at a time, one person in the store, then another and another. Although limiting, it would at least allow some cash flow to the business.

Some Seattle area media observers say the food bank and state hiring temp workers is a gesture, but the focus needs to be restarting as many parts of the private economy as can be done safely, such as homebuilding and construction.

These and other ideas went unmentioned in Tuesday's press conference.

To see the conference for yourself, the video, click on the button below.

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