After reading this, you might wish to relocate to the Northern Dakota state.

Inspired by California's successful Proposition 13 a few years ago (that lowered property taxes) Tuesday, North Dakota voters will decide whether or not to completely eliminate all property taxes!   The state is one of the few in the US that actually has considerable government financial reserves, especially since oil drilling has caused money to pour in.

The largely grassroots effort seeks to overturn all property taxes because they are unpredictable, cumbersome, and can often cause people to lose their homes.   North Dakotans point to such states as New York and New Jersey, where excessive tax rates cause people to default on homes,  seek unnecessary second mortgages, or simply move away.

According to polls,  voters would probably not pass the ban,  but there were plenty of signatures to get the measure on the ballot.  Even if it fails, however,  momentum is gathering in other states such as Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.  Supporters of such tax bans say it's simply the result of citizens being fed up with excessive government spending and waste.

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