Imagine the drinks with umbrellas, white sandy beaches, watching the sunset on the horizon.  Not images you would associate with North Korea.

In an attempt to perhaps draw Asian tourism, North Korea has launched it's first ever cruise ship.  Before you start comparing it to the Sapphire Princess (the majestic ship Townsquare Media use for the DJ Cruise a couple of years ago)  the North Koreans have a bit of catching up to do.  It's a 49 year old converted freighter, The Man Gyong Bong. And it's on the small size, only about 9,700 tons--making it smaller than a US Navy Destroyer.   But give the Koreans credit for trying.  About 100 Chinese businessmen recently took a tour of the beautiful North Korean resort of Mt. Kumyang, featuring  mountain views, waterfalls and scenery.   The Mt. had once been open to South Koreans and that could happen again as the North Korean government realizes that to enhance their economy, tourism is one of the best ways.   Grudgingly, they have created a bureau of tourism, and have begun efforts to attract visitors-not just ones to see Kim Jung Il resting in state.