So what if you're bald?

According to the BBC and other Asian news sources,  earlier this year a state-mandated law was implemented requiring North Korean men to wear their hair in the same fashion as chubby, insecure, anti chick magnet Kim Jong Un.

Sources say the mandate went into effect in late spring and early summer, but unlike most other laws passed by this harsh political regime, there hasn't been any evidence it's being enforced.

Jong Un sports a wavy block of coarse black hair atop his head, above his chubby cheeks.  While somewhat resembling a contemporary hairstyle,  it's hardly one that's going to catch on due to popularity.

Those who report and follow Jong Un in media circles say it's just the latest mandate from the person they say is probably the most egotistical and narcissistic leader in the modern world.

If such a mandate were ever passed in this country, it's probably a good thing Donald Trump was never elected president...

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