You haven't heard much about this from the White House, but apparently Iran is pretty close to building a nuclear bomb -- at least it was until a large explosion Jan. 21.

World Net Daily reported the blast on Jan. 24. It occurred at Iran's Fordow nuclear facility and at least 40 people died in the blast -- most of them scientists and technical workers. Also, at least two of those dead were North Koreans.

North Korea has apparently been working with the Iranians in the nuclear enriching process -- the means by which nuclear material is derived to build weapons-grade plutonium. According to WND writer Riza Kalili, a former CIA Directorate of Operations and spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, said some 240 people were working in the facility buried 300 feet below a mountain in the Iranian desert.

The previously secret site contains some 2,700 centrifuges for enriching uranium. Information obtained by Israeli officials indicate the Iranians were only weeks away from having weapons-grade material.

The blast destroyed most of the facility and trapped at least 240 people underground. As rescue efforts continue, the death toll continues to climb. The nature of the explosion and where it occurred indicates an apparent act of sabotage -- or perhaps the work of special forces placing charges in strategic areas.

The White House has denied reports of the explosion, although Israeli officials have confirmed the blast happened. Iranian officials deny the reports. Conflicting reports have been coming from the International Atomic Energy Agency. It would not be surprising if Israel had something to do with the incident.

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