The Yakima County Sheriff's Office has issued a bulletin, regarding a bright yellow nuclear gauge measuring device that was lost, and apparently is not exactly healthy to hang around.

Monday afternoon around 3:30PM, a geotech engineer was performing soil composition testing in Harrah, about two miles southwest of Wapato, at the site of a new elementary school construction site. When they were finished, they loaded the unit in their truck and left.

Somewhere between there and the I-82 interchange, it apparently fell off his truck. He traveled on Branch Road, then Lateral Road, then State Route 97 to the interchange when he discovered it was gone.

Authorities say the device is yellow, including the handle, it's about 12" by 23" and contains low level hazardous nuclear components. Anyone who's not wearing the proper gear to use this device should stay back at least 60 feet from it if it's discovered.

It's a Troxler 3430 meter and a search online shows most of these units are in excess of 14-1,500 bucks.  Can't miss it, it's case is bright yellow and has prongs that can be inserted into the ground.

Anyone with any information is urged to call 911.

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