Move over beanbag gun, here comes the pepper spray Pepperball gun.

Because of the new dozen or so soft on crime laws pushed through by Democratic legislators at the bequest of Gov. Inslee, Police Departments are now having to invest in a whole new slate of what are basically high powered paintball guns that fire pepper spray.

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The big difference? They're not 37MM weapons like before, which pack quite the punch. Consider 37 MM cannons used  to be mounted on some WW II Tanks. 75 or 76 MM was what was on the famous Sherman tank. Has to do with the size of the barrel and projectile.

Now, these smaller, "less lethal' guns dispense pepper spray in paintball form. As Pasco Police said Friday:

"Pasco PD has had Pepperball guns for years, but the new models are replacing old equipment. Pasco PD intends to retain the new ones, even if future legislative changes re-authorize the use of the 37mm launchers we were using previously. Both tools are useful for gaining compliance from uncooperative arrestees while staying back at safer stand-off distances. The shift to more Pepperball was a natural move as we shelved the 37mm launchers."

Wonder what they're going to do with the old guns? No word yet. This is something all LE are dealing with across Washington state as part of these new laws.

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