A plea of not guilty was entered Tuesday in Franklin County Superior Court by Pasco's newest City Councilman, over allegations of child molestation that occurred last year.

According to sources, Chi Flores was accused of touching an 8-year-old friend of his daughter twice inappropriately.

According to KEPR-TV, the two girls were playing a game of dentist. Flores allegedly put a blanket over his daughter's head, then put his hands under the 8-year-old girl's shorts.   The victim also claims he touched her when she was at their house for a sleepover, while she lying on a couch watching a movie. Flores' daughter had reportedly already fallen asleep at that time.

Flores' attorney, according to KNDU-TV, had issued a statement on May 11, Scott Johnson saying in part:

"The truth is Chi didn't do anything. we are going to have everything in order. If charges are filed to defend him completely in this matter. "

He went on to say he didn't think charges would be filed because there was just not enough evidence that he did anything wrong. Flores was formally charged on May 26th by the Franklin County Prosecutor's office.

Flores is facing two counts of First Degree Molestation. He joined the Pasco City Council in November of 2016, at that time officials were asked if this would affect his status as being a civic leader. So far, no action has been taken by the council.

He is due back in court in July, pre-trial expected in August, with a trial set for September.

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