Richland City Hall (Google street view)
Richland City Hall (Google street view)

Who are the final four candidates for Richland City Council Position7?

  City to interview four candidates this Friday

This Friday, January 6th, from 1 PM until 5 PM the city will interview the final four candidates who are seeking to fill Michael Alvarez's vacant seat. Alvarez stepped down after running for and landing a seat on the Benton County Commissioner's board.

The City originally got ten people who applied for the position. After reviewing resumes,  and other criteria they narrowed it down to four candidates.

Position 7 will be filled by one of the four following persons:

  • Eileen Griffin
  • Ben Griggs
  • Andrew Rice
  • Ryan Whitten

The City plans to televise the interviews from their council chambers at 625 Swift Boulevard. According to information released by the city:

"The interviews will be televised live on Charter Spectrum Channel 192, on the City’s website, and on the City’s YouTube channel. "

Once the interviews are completed, the city will make its final decision, and the person to bill Position 7 will be sworn in on January 17th during the next council meeting.

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This person will serve out the rest of the term but will have to seek re-election in November 2023, if they wish to remain in office. That is due to the election cycle for that specific seat.

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