Kennewick police had to chase down a 23-year old intoxicated Kennewick driver, who tried to run from police, even driving without headlights!

Around 3am Friday morning, Officers saw the car heading west on Kennewick Ave with no headlights on!  After pulling in behind and attempting to pull the driver over, the suspect gunned the gas and fled.

Henry Barron, who's now in jail on DUI charges, reached Vista Way and decided to become a road course driver. In his attempt to elude the officer, he barely completed a tire-squealing right then, then over-corrected into the opposite lane. He then veered back across the road again nearly striking the curb.

He finally gave up and pulled over, and was arrested. Police remind people, regardless of what it takes (legally) don't get behind the wheel and drive home if you've been drinking.

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