There's a Democratic legislator from Vancouver whose rapidly adding her name to the list of House Representatives who are big fans of the "nanny state."

Monica Stonier is the same legislator who wants restaurants to be forced to leave sodas and other 'sugary' drinks off their menu so people/children are less likely to order them. Now she wants the state to meddle in coaching and athletic training.

House Bill (HB) 2904 would create a new training program for coaches and athletic trainers in schools. From the bill:

"No later than July 1, 2021, the office of the  superintendent of public instruction shall develop and make available  on its web site an online training program on the physical training  of youth athletes."

The program contains five platforms of information coaches and trainers would have to be instructed in, as if they don't already know where their students are athletically, mentally and physically. The program would also have to involve the Washington State Department of Health and the WIAA. It would create a whole new, expensive level of bureaucratic hurdles for coaches who are busy (and well trained) already.

Once that's completed, the bill states this:

"Beginning July 1, 2022, prior to coaching an interscholastic  athletic activity, at least one member of the coaching staff of each  activity shall complete the online training program developed under  this section. The member of the coaching staff shall provide a  certificate showing completion of the training to the school,"

Obviously, Stonier doesn't have any experience with youth, middle school or high school athletics. I am a USA Football (the NFL's official umbrella for youth, middle and h.s. activities) certified coach, and annually have to take a 3 plus hour course in all sorts of coaching, health, safety, tackling, blocking and other categories.

Today's coaches are well versed in how to avoid heat stroke, how to safely coach contact, how hard to push players, and also take into account the age and maturity of their athletes. Perhaps Ms. Stonier would do well to get involved in coaching a sport. She might learn something about how out of touch she is with reality.

To read her bill, click on the button below.

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